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Hello DJ friends,
forgive my delay but nevertheless receive all my wishes for this new year 2021 which is starting :wink:
A small oversight on my part, my last Mix to celebrate the New Year with music.

I leave you today with #WumaSoundMix (himself :blush:)
And I wish you a pleasant day in #Music with my last #Mix, the first of this year 2021 :notes::headphones::blush:
#Musique #Music #Disco #NuDisco #IndieDance #Soulful

hello people,
I offer you my last Mix of a series dedicated to classic Disco & Funk
Happy listening and have a good weekend :wink: :musical_note:

Good morning all,
I offer you my latest Vocal House Mix on my profile and I hope you will like it.
Good listening :wink:

Good morning all

I offer you, for the music festival with us in France, my last Mix that I have just put online. Good listening, good evening and good weekend :wink:

That’s it, the holidays are over but not the #Music :notes::headphones::blush:
So to start this new school year 2021, here is my last #Mix for you, the # WumaDeepHouseMix2021Vol1 :sunglasses:
Turn up the volume and enjoy listening